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About Us

Shaping the future energy landscape. Together.

With a combination of more than a 100 years of experience and a network across and beyond our entire value chain, we play an active part in the ongoing energy transition and want to help you scale your venture to the next level.

Through our investments we strive to open up transformative business models and explore new markets and together with your venture become the most sustainable Green-Tech pioneers in Austria and beyond.

Want to co-operate and co-create?

Together with our “Digital Solutions” business unit and "Green-Tech Innovation" initiative, we are also looking for ambitious start-ups with a working prototype or more to launch pilot projects in a co-creation effort. For participating start-ups, such as a partnership provides space for co-innovation, expert know-how, project budgets and access to a large customer base and extensive network, with the potential of a follow-on investment by Green-Tech Ventures.

Startup benefits and services at a glance (our USP):

Clarity where the political framework is still lacking

Ever-changing regulations require an experienced partner to deal with uncertainties in the markets.

Existing resources

Benefit from established business processes as well as financial resources.

Experience in the market

Salzburg AG is an experienced green-tech company, with in-depth industry know-how and a broad range of services & products. We aim to develop market-changing and future-oriented solutions with highly motivated & technology-savvy founders.

Access to customers

Sales opportunities on a national and international level, such as joint market development with existing sales and business units.

Expert network and know-how

Partners benefit from the experience & know-how of Salzburg AG employees and experts in the form of mentoring and consulting.

Deal experience and respectful interaction with our growth partners

Partnership opportunities

- Customer Supplier Relationship

- Co-Creation:

Creating new and exciting digital products & services together with our innovations teams.

- Joint Ventures:

Gaining access to resources and infrastructure and industry expertise, as well as joint development of products and services.

Investment options

Provision of capital through Green-Tech Ventures with a clearly defined framework for collaboration.
Potential Exit Channel: Acquisition of companies to be fully integrated into Salzburg AG depending on size & strategic objectives.

Find out more about us and our experts here.

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