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Green-Tech Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Salzburg AG, the Austrian green-tech company.

A platform for our corporate development efforts, to build an innovation cluster that drives forward-looking projects and opens up new business models and markets. The aim is to bring about world-class start-ups that shape the green-tech landscape of the future.

We value partnerships built on complementary and mutual respect and focus on forward-looking products and services that can offer clear added value to our customers. Investments are made along the entire width and depth of the value chain of the Salzburg AG Group and beyond, with an emphasis on decarbonisation and digital technologies, in collaboration with our operational business units and subsidiaries (such as one2zero, MyElectric, etc).

Our Vision

Green & climate tech is classified as one of the biggest future markets – and we firmly believe that at some point every single industry will need tools and tech to move away from CO2 emissions towards more sustainable ways of doing business.

The pillars of our green-tech strategy

The Customer

Clear focus on the needs of the customer.


Through processes, products, solutions and services.


Growth through innovation.

4 D's that guide our Mission


Ambitious climate targets and regulatory pressure drive energy players towards renewable sources, investments, innovative business models, strategic repositioning, technological evolution and security of supply.

Decreasing Consumption

Efforts to reduce energy consumption fuel new solutions in real estate, storage, demand side management, smart cities, circular economy and others.

Decentralized Production

Moving from large central units to smaller decentralized units ("prosumers") creates the necessity for smart, intelligent networks and additional flexibility.


“Energy as a service” requires new ways of connecting technologies ("Internet of Energy"), the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and thus creating a customer centric energy system. The rise of digital and the convergence of all sectors, implies a strong need for future digital solutions.

  • Digital Products, Solutions and Services in all relevant verticals, including:
    - Artificial intelligence - Big data & data analytics - Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) - Tourism solutions
  • Telecommunication Technologies and Connectivity, including:
    - Glass fiber roll-out, FTTH and associated technologies - Coax technologies - OTT services and new products - Internet of things (IoT)
  • Decarbonisation Solutions for the industry, including:
    - CO2 Management & Consulting - Energy efficiency
  • Energy Sales and decentralised Energy Solutions, including:
    - Heat pumps and associated technologies - Smart lighting - Decentralised battery storage - Small-scale hydrogen production and storage - Photovoltaic and Solar for B2B and B2C Customers - E-Mobility and Future Mobility: private and semi-public charging solutions and infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy Generation & Storage, including:
    - Hydropower - Solar and Photovoltaic - On-shore wind - Green-Hydrogen
  • Energy Storage, Transport and Distribution, including:
    - Large scale batteries - E-Mobility and Future Mobility: public charging solutions and infrastructure - Smart grids and smart - Electricity and gas networks - Hydrogen transport, storage and distribution - Smart Metering - Grid cybersecurity and resilience - Electricity grid stability - Districht heating and cooling
  • Energy Management & Internet of Energy (IoE), including:
    - Energy Communities: interconnection of loads and decentralised power generation units - Real Time Pricing and peer-to-peer (P2P) Trading - Demand response and demand side management - Energy monitoring and auditing - Energy efficiency - Blockchain and tokenization of Energy - Smart buildings
  • Are you working closely with the business units of Salzburg AG?
    We are in constant exchange with our Business Units in the relevant markets. We work with them on assessing new opportunities and rely on them to providing expertise.
  • What is your average ticket size?
    For Early-Stage investments, we invest around 150k-350k EUR per equity ticket. For later stage investments we can go beyond.
  • How are you different from other VCs?
    We see ourselves as a financially motivated strategic investor within our scope rather than an operational one and provide on top of that also strategic expertise in relevant markets. We provide our portfolio companies with funding, mentoring and access to markets.
  • What stage do you invest in? Whats most important to you?
    Until 2024 we will focus our efforts on new investments and portfolio build-up. We prefer early stage companies, where our guidance can add significant value but are open to invest in a late stage too (Pre-Series A/ Series A Investments).
  • Does my company have to be located in Austria?
    While we are located in Austria, our clear focus is Europe.
  • What do you look for in startups?
    We target startups that are accelerating efforts do digitize and decarbonise on a European level. Do you have a strong vision (”Think Big” Mentality)? Do you solve big problems and manage to save a significant amount CO2 while doing so? Apart from that we are looking for the following in startups: Compelling customer value proposition and customer benefit Growing markets with great opportunities Sustainable competitive advantage (in an economic and ecological sense) A strong team Already founded Have a prototype / an MVP at least shown product-market-fit through first revenues ideally
  • Do you take board seats?
    A board seat or at least a board observer seat is our preferred option, as we want to help our portfolio companies succeed in their markets.
  • Do you lead investment rounds?
    If possible, we do want to take the lead, but are open to other options as well.
  • How much equity do you usually take?
    With our first investment we usually aim for a minimum stake between 10-20 %.
  • What industries do you focus on?
    The industries we are focusing on can be found here.
  • Does my company need to work in the energy sector?
    Based on our Green-Tech Vision we do expand the scope beyond the traditional energy sector and look at startups with a broad view, so it is not essential.
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